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Need an efficient and reasonably priced means of getting more direct online room reservations? The answer is your very own online booking platform. Need an efficient and reasonably priced means of getting more direct online room reservations? The answer is your very own online booking platform.

Reservation Solutions

Need an efficient and reasonably priced means of getting more direct online room reservations? The answer is your very own online booking platform.

Booking Engine

The new version of our Internet Booking Engine has now been successfully launched and aims to offer clients a highly efficient and affordable way to achieve more direct online room reservations via their very own booking platform. However, this is no ordinary booking platform as it has added elements that make it truly unique and guarantees a fast and proficient reservation experience.


Mobile optimised sites are a guaranteed way to boost revenue and a necessity if you want to keep ahead of the game. The user experience on your website should always be one of your main priorities, which is why our unique booking engine has been designed to look good on any device.

Global Distribution System

Hoteliers.Guru GDS means that you will gain access to the global travel market through leading systems such as Sabre, Amadeus and Galileo.

Channel Manager

Channel Manager offers a one-click groundbreaking hotel solution to save you valuable time and effort and is fully integrated with our booking engine.

Content Management System

Our unique Content Management System puts you in complete control of all the content on your website, allowing you to add or delete pages, text and images in real time. It’s very simplicity allows any site administrator, even with no previous programming knowledge, to have full control of the system any time, day or night, through their PC, Smartphone or tablet’s web browser. So no more long waits for expensive external agencies to make even simple updates to your website… we’re giving the power back to you.

Online Store

The Hoteliers.Guru Online Store is an online shopping platform designed to integrate easily into any hotel website. We make the shopping experience for your guests a much simpler and faster one, enabling them to purchase services and souvenirs, or place a special request. There is a 7% commission charged for each order.

Marketing Solutions

Looking for a strategy that gives results and offers higher returns?

Our marketing solutions guarantee your hotel achieves the utmost publicity on all distribution channels. We have the experience to put together a customised plan that will enable your hotel to realise its online marketing targets. Our web development techniques have been proven over and over again to work effectively and successfully, whether we are aiming to encourage more visitors to your website, training travel agents about particular deals or build customer loyalty through social media sites, or endorsing the latest brand name, we will create the strategy for you.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC) is an effective internet marketing tool as it drives traffic directly to your hotel website, therefore cutting out the necessity for paying third party commissions on bookings.


Re-marketing gives you the ability to target users who have visited your website before with new promotions, products or services therefore rewarding them for their time and loyalty.


Promote online trust and engage customers with strategic social media marketing campaigns. The right campaign will enable your business to create more independent online room reservations through your website and booking engine by targeting potential visitors.


Email Marketing Management is a great way to get in touch directly with your ever-growing loyal guests and agents. Let them know all about the latest deals and promotions you are offering.

​Translation Services

We have the capacity to translate all content on your website into the languages considered relevant to your target market, and with a wide range of 33 languages available you have access to a much wider audience.

Professional Content Writer

Every professional website needs well-written and relevant content which is why we employ only the best writers for this important task.

Website Solutions

Dare to impress potential guests with an inspirational online experience designed especially for your brand, in addition to customised Mobile and Tablet versions of your website.

Website Development

Give your website visitors a refreshing online experience with a dynamic, user-friendly look that has been designed exclusively for your brand name. We can create a unique design that will get you noticed visually and be interesting and informative to read. Our website development solutions present one-off designs with professionally-written content and are intended to build up your brand. We can also help you update a pre-existing website with a brand new, look adding a modern touch and the chance to give your online brand some character.

Mobile Solutions

Your website design might look great on a desktop, however an increasing number of users are turning to mobile devices, such as tablets and Smartphones, to make their travel and accommodation arrangements. We can offer you a mobile-friendly website solution that will ensure every one of your potential and existing clients have accessibility wherever they are and whatever kind of device they browse the internet with. Not having your website optimised for mobile users will mean you lose out on room revenue and lose out to your competitors. Optimising your hotel website for the mobile visitor offers easy navigation for small screens, fast loading times, and overall a friendlier experience for clients. Combine this with great content, stunning images and quality calls-to-action and you are assured satisfied customers.

Guest Engagement (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management Platforms

The role of a Customer Relationship Management Platform is to track, record and store information in databases, and then use that information in a way that can improve the relationship between you and your client. With the transactions between you and your customers organised it becomes much easier to see where you need to focus your advertising, how to capitalise on revenue, and how to reduce unproductive contact with clients. This wealth of information can give priceless insights into what your clients want and offer the opportunity to deliver a more tailored experience for them.

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