Hotel Content Management Systems

A content management system (CMS) is a software system that allows the users to manage all of a website’s content, be it pages, images, text or videos, easily, with little or no technical skills.

Hotels have been very quick to adopt CMS because of the power and flexibility the system offers, such as allowing them a way of personally taking control of their websites in order to make instant updates whenever they may need to and all from the comfort of their own computer, tablet or smart phone's browser.

Why Use A Hotel CMS?

Before the invention of CMS, hotels previously would have needed to bring in third-parties to both build and manage their websites as well as their Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and although effective, without CMS, even simply updates to a website could be both time consuming and costly but with the invention of CMS and cloud technology hoteliers and their staff can now make even complex website updates instantly and cheaply all with very little training or technical ability.

Up-to-date at all Times

As search engines give more credibility to websites with constantly updated, fresh and relevant content, 'static' websites have started to be disappear. Online technologies also constantly evolve at a frightening pace and CMS incorporates the ability to update automatically, without any cost to the user, so as to always remain at the very forefront of online technologies.


The benefits of a subscription-based package means that technology that might otherwise be too expensive for hotels on smaller budgets can be made readily available and economical for everyone. So with SAAS (Software As A Service) subscribers get all the advantages for just a fraction of the price.

Available and Accessible

Using their CMS a hotel has the ability to access their online promotional resources at any time and with minimum effort updates can be posted across all their marketing channels, including web, mobile and social media. Put simply, a CMS can allow rapid interaction with your target audience and deliver results instantly.

Site Manager

Manage your website's content using our easy to use Site Manager, confident in the knowledge that you're using the same robust platform that powers thousands of websites across the globe.

Mobile Manager

Our Mobile Manager allows you the freedom and ability to make a multitude of updates to your website directly from your mobile device’s browser, be it smartphone or tablet.


Whether you have 10 visitors a day or 10,000, it’s important your website remains online and secure 24/7 so we insist on using only the very latest in server technologies, both in regards to hardware and software so that you can have the utmost in confidence that your website always online and working for you.

Responsive Images

Using responsive web design (RWD) uploaded images, either through the browser on your PC or mobile device, are automatically optimized to fit any screen size. Just upload your images and our content management system will take care of the rest.

Online Store

With built in payment processing through Payment Gateway and PayPal and a customizable shopping cart, it’s now easier than ever to get your online shop up and running.

Self Service

Our unique Content Management System puts you in complete control of all the content on your website, allowing you to add or delete pages, text and images in real time. It’s very simplicity allows any site administrator, even with no previous programming knowledge, to have full control of the system any time, day or night, through their PC, Smartphone or tablet’s web browser. So no more long waits for expensive external agencies to make even simple updates to your website… we’re giving the power back to you.

Choose Your Template

We offer a multitude of fully customizable, responsive website templates to chose from to represent your business, and from which we will work closely with you to create a beautiful, bespoke personalized website design to suit all of your hotel’s needs.

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