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Hoteliers.Guru helps you to maximize your revenue stream in a fuss free, straightforward manner. We offer innovative hotel channel manager solutions that utilize proven channel manager technology. Our truly integrated solutions deliver.


All records from across Online Travel Agent channels are managed from a sleek, single interface which allows for convenience and effective time management.


By taking total control of all inventories, you will be able to experiment with what methods of productivity and distribution work for hotels.

Continuous improvement

Hoteliers.Guru maintains ongoing efforts to improve products, services and processes. Our well-versed team is always updating and improving the system.

Enhance Customer Service

Enhance Customer Service

Our Channel Manager is an exclusive, robust system unique in the fact that it is developed to suit hoteliers’ individual needs. The Channel Manager is extremely user-friendly, offering an easier update function. Hoteliers.Guru, never compromising first-rate development, keeps things simple.

With our Channel Manager, bookings are faster and more efficient. Methods of managing accessibility, charges, and records across Online Travel Agents channels are managed from a single, convenient interface which allows instant updates.

The Channel Manager allows you to maximize your revenue by increasing your distribution and driving more OTA bookings. Reduce costs and time spent updating rates and inventory with our convenient solution.

What Makes The
Channel Manager Unique

Our Channel Manager contains a variety of useful functions to help hoteliers handle daily operations.

real time
log error
pooled inventory
2-way XML
coolest team support
Multiple Period Updates


Our Channel Manager solution offers a groundbreaking hotel solution guaranteed to increase revenue and save time. Bookings become more efficient as managing accessibility, charges and records across Online Travel Agent channels are managed from a single platform.

Important updates on room availability and other relevant information for your online travel agents are available in an instant. Our Channel Manager enables you to maximize your revenue by increasing your distribution and driving more OTA bookings. Reduce costs and time spent updating rates and inventory by investing in the Channel Manager solution that works for you.

The Dashboard menu generates reliable data in graphs with complete details. It can produce all reports needed by hoteliers and their management teams such as revenue reports, booking performance reports, average daily rate, length of stay and nationality reports. Reports such as this help the hotel analyze booking sources and guest demography, which is very important in nailing down a target audience for the hotel’s marketing strategy.


Our Channel Manager connects the world’s major online travel agents including Agoda, Expedia, and ensuring that Asian hoteliers have a single access point at their fingertips. Every available room is updated to each booking site. There is no need to split and distribute inventory. Our Real Time feature ensures that all updates are effective right away in real time. This is advantageous because once a booking is made via connected booking channels, the inventory is immediately adjusted and removed from the allotment of those channels.

Log Error

The Notification Log is crucial for hoteliers as it supplies valuable information regarding transactions. The Notification Log allows users to see how many unsuccessful transactions they have, and also gives the reason why these transactions failed. An option to view transaction daily is possible, as is a comprehensive report of the last seven days.

Our Channel Manager allows you to increase your revenue by increasing your distribution to a wider demographic. Reduce costs and time spent updating rates and inventory by investing in our Channel Manager.

Pooled Inventory

Our Channel Manager hosts a sleek, simple Inventory Grid that is user-friendly. The Inventory Grid contains both room rate and allocation. This allows users to update rate and allocation all at once, in a shorter period, which in turn saves time and reduces errors.

2-way XML

2-way XML integration is carried out in our Channel Manager system. The interface allows hoteliers to automatically the availability, prices and minimum stays as well as downloading all reservations.

Coolest Team Support

Hoteliers.Guru is an international company that is rapidly expanding in Southeast Asia, as well as Europe and beyond. We specialize in helping international companies expand, whatever the size, by focusing on relationships and enhancing customer service.

Multiple Period Updates

The Channel Manager’s Bulk Update function allows users to easily manage pricing, room availability and restrictions for long time periods in just one click.


The Channel Manager

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